Below is a list of upcoming talks, and beneath is an (abbreviated) list of talks I have given in the past.

Upcoming talks

3rd July 2019, Leeds International Medieval Congress, “New Voices Keynote Lecture”
Paper: The Materiality of Law in Later Medieval England

13th/14th September 2019, University of Seville, “Freedom in the Town, Freedom in the Kingdom”
Paper: Law and liberties in fifteenth-century localities

28th/29th November, 2019, Nájera, Encuentros Internacionales del Medievo, Keynote
Paper: “Legal culture in the late-medieval English town”

Past talks (selected)

(February 2019), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Medieval Studies Colloquium, ‘Law and the Documentary Revolution in Late-Medieval England’. [Invited speaker]

(February 2019), University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Mauro Manuscript Seminar, ‘Bits and Pieces of Law? Legal Ephemera in Late-Medieval England’. [Invited speaker]

(December 2018), Princeton, Davis Center Seminar, ‘Copy, Licence, Bill, and Bond: Law and the Documentary Revolution in Late-Medieval England’. [Invited speaker]

(March 2017), Southampton, Objects and Possessions: Changing Goods in a Material World, 1200-1800, ‘Law Courts, Lordship, and Rural Material Culture during the ‘Golden Age’ of the English Peasantry (c.1350-1500)’.

(September 2016), Royal Holloway, Fifteenth-Century Conference, ‘Soothsayers and the settlement of disputes in Fifteenth-Century England’.

(May 2016), Venice, Feud and blood feud between customary law and legal process in early modern Europe, ‘Law, Courts, and Social Conflict in the English Countryside, 1400-1500’. [Invited speaker]

(March 2016), Oxford, Legalism Colloquium, ‘“The Rage of the Sea”: Property during Environmental Change in Late-Medieval England’.

(July 2015), Leeds, International Medieval Congress, ‘Proof and Reputation in the Ecclesiastical Courts of Late-Medieval England’.

(December 2014), Edinburgh, Between Apes and Angels: Human and Animal in the Early Modern World, ‘Slaughtered Deer, Lawed Dogs: The fabrication of animals under Forest law, 1450-1520’.